Terms and Conditions of Orders and Sales

1. Payment

Pro-forma invoice

A pro-forma invoice requires you to pay for carpets ordered before they are prepared and dispatched. Full payment of the carpet is required at the time of ordering, plus the minimum charge of 115.00€, or 30% of the remaining invoiced amount, whichever is greater.

2. Ownership

All goods supplied to you, whether paid for or not, remain our property until all or any of our outstanding invoices have been paid to us in full. This includes carpet, gripper, underlay and threshold bars. While the goods are in your possession, and until the goods become your property, it is your responsibility to keep them in good condition. Until the property in the goods passes to you they should not be disposed of without our consent and must be returned to us on request.

3. Ordering

To avoid potential errors, all orders must be submitted to us in metric units and all orders whether written or verbal must be clear and legible. Moquette France will not be liable for any error by you when placing orders. The minimum order length is 2.5 metres. Please note that all orders of a specific length will be rounded up to the nearest 5cm and charged accordingly. Please note when ordering, the carpet supplier does not guarantee to have stock of all colours in all widths at all times and therefore is not liable to fund the difference between the ordered item and an alternate item.

4. Delivery

Whilst every effort will be made to deliver to you within the delivery dates discussed, we cannot be liable for any loss arising from a delay in despatch or delivery, however this may have been caused. Damage in transit must be reported immediately in writing or by fax.

5. Limitations


In accordance with British Standard 3655:1981, a potential measurement tolerance of +/-1.25% is acceptable on all carpet supplied.


The sampling provided should be used as a guide, not as an exact match to the broadloom carpet supplied. Each production batch is made independently, therefore a nominal variation is likely though this will be within commercial tolerance. Equally, carpets made from heather blends may contain more or less flecks in the broadloom pieces supplied than the sample in the store. When cuttings are requested, they will be taken from sample stock not from current broadloom stock.


Where carpets of the same range and colour but varying standard widths are ordered, no guarantee can be given that they will match nor can claims be accepted for non-matching. If matching is essential, the fitting should be planned from one carpet of the same standard width, and matching must be clearly requested at the time of order. When joining, carpet must be laid in the same pile direction to ensure matching. Nominal colour and matching deviation from original samples and patterns must be anticipated, particularly in the case of heather and Berber styles.


Secondary backing may be either natural jute or woven polypropylene.

6. Cancelled Orders

If a cut length order has been cut from the roll by Cormar and is subsequently cancelled, whether delivered or otherwise, at least one third of the net value of the credit note will be deducted to recoup their costs. Cancellations may only be accepted in exceptional circumstances if notified within seven days of delivery. A cancellation will not be accepted where the length of the carpet is less than the width. Once cut into, a carpet cannot be considered for credit as a result of cancellation.

7. ManufacturerÂ’s Liability

The liability of Cormar for defective carpet will be limited to the invoiced value of the carpet. The fault will be rectified or, if this is not possible replaced, or a similar carpet of equivalent value will be provided. Under no circumstances will responsibility be accepted for any loss of business or profit, or any other consequential loss however arising, or for any delay, loss, damage, or injury arising out of any cause whatsoever.

8. Complaints and Claims

All new carpet should be laid on a suitable new underlay and in accordance with good trade practice. Responsibility cannot be accepted for wearability claims where a new underlay has not been fitted. It is recommended that exposed edges of loop pile carpets should be “whipped” or otherwise protected.

In all cases

There are circumstances which are either outside our control or outside reasonable timescales. Therefore complaints cannot be accepted relating to:

i. shrinkage, where the carpet has been exposed to damp or significant changes in atmospheric conditions or has been loose laid.

ii. shading and pressure bands, a tendency inherent in all pile fabrics, due to unequal pressure on the pile surface.

iii. flattening, which will occur to some extent in ‘traffic lanes’ although regular vacuuming will help to allay this.

iv. treatments, applied by a third party after the manufacturing process which may damage or change the original nature of the carpet

v. the improper location, use or cleaning of the carpet

vi. carpet fitted longer than three months where the fault would have been apparent at time of fitting.

(NB where carpet is showing pressure bands relating to storage, the carpet should be left to settle for at least 6 weeks, together with normal vacuuming.)

Unfitted complaints

Any shortage, damage, wrong product or fault or other claim or complaint howsoever arising must be notified before cutting or fitting and in any event within 14 days of delivery. Subsequent to a non-fitted carpet under complaint being collected, if no fault is found upon inspection, one third of the net value of the credit note will be deducted to recoup costs.

Fitted complaints

If the carpet is considered by us to be faulty due to a manufacturing fault, then the required details of the complaint will be taken and the manufacturer will advise as to the course of action to be taken. Very occasionally, it is necessary to hand finish carpet after fitting. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the carpet wherever it has been fitted and if it is reasonable and proportionate will carry out such remedial work as considered appropriate in the circumstances. If the manufacturer is unreasonably refused to be allowed to undertake remedial work, then no further offers to resolve the complaint may be forthcoming.