Why fitted carpet?


“It is widely accepted that carpet installed on underlay with gripper, when professionally fitted, is the best type of fitting to fully maximise the life and effectiveness of the carpet.

The comfort factor of carpet fitted on underlay is unparalleled in flooring, truly luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.

A good quality carpet fitted on good quality underlay and gripper provides still more significant heat and sound insulation benefits.

If required, most fitted carpets can be uplifted for whatever reason, such as for redecorating, or if access to the floor underneath is required, and then refitted again afterwards. They can even be adapted to fit in another area, for example when moving house, thereby further increasing the useful life of the carpet.

Fitted carpet reduces the significant cost, workload, not to mention the mess, of having to take up carpet which has been glued down all over, when it eventually needs replacing.

Most modern PU foam underlays are completely recyclable and some are even made from 100% recycled materials to begin with, and crumb rubber underlays contain recycled tyre rubber, thus further enhancing the environmentally friendly credentials of the materials used with this type of fitting.”

Jasen Saunders