Why wool?

“Wool is an annually renewable, natural resource, known to last longer in products than other fibre types. Ideal for the demands of modern living, it is naturally flame retardant and has natural insulation properties, reducing heat loss, condensation and also noise.

Easily maintainable, its natural oils provide a built-in resistance to soiling. As well as being hypoallergenic, it is now known that wool carpets improve the indoor air quality in the home by filtering air-borne pollutants, reducing the discomfort experienced by many allergy sufferers. Regular use of a vacuum cleaner enables the carpet to continue providing this important function.

Wool fibres can also be stretched up to 30 percent without rupturing and still bounce back, which reduces shading and tracking and resists flattening. Man-made fibres have yet to match or reproduce the many remarkable attributes found in wool.”


Jasen Saunders